Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunny Days

Well I'm tired, and full (due to chinese all-you-can-eat food babies) but today's been pretty awesome. I dawdled round the parts of Worcester I'd never visited before, finding some awesome little boutiques, and then went to the racecourse with my housemates for random hanging out in the sun.

Altogether, it's been awesome. (see right) I got my camera out and got some amazing photos (I forgot how much I love my D-SLR). We were going to have a barbecue but the atmosphere was too nice to ruin by doing anything resembling work. It's rare to get all the housemates out together and we had a lot of fun messing about and bantering.

Although I now know that I have a man's sense of humour. Definitely.

And our shower's cold again...

But at least the weather's amazing.

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