Saturday, 28 November 2009

The beauty of hot water

Seriously, No one appreciates it like me and my housemates right now.

For about a month now our showers have been FREEZING with about a minute of hot water before we jump out. This has led to us being sink-washers, which is equally as cold.
Luckily, next door has been v kind and said we can use their showers. Which I did for the first time just now.


Better than anything I have ever experienced.

I was actually there with my head back like "Mmmmmm..."

Also, Thanks to last night, I only just woke up.
Grr =<

Why am I awake?

Well the boys of next door have joined Big Ben in his quest to have a 48 hour Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 session. They've organised four hour shifts to be taken in turn, in our living room, playing the game on Ben's XBox360.

Why am I awake?

It's the first shift (started at midnight) and they're all excited.

Except for Ben, who's spending precious time in bed with Lizzie ;) it's very cute. (She has a rowing race tomorrow in Bristol)

Hence, I'm here, re-reading The Host (for reasons mentioned in earlier post) and listening to Linkin Park, deciding that I'm going to take my camera out tomorrow, go shopping with Nat and Roz for Moulin Rouge outfits.

Despite the fact I'm now £200 into my overdraft (student finance has yet to show it's face) and I'm sick.

I have now been on my period for two months, making me tired and irritable. The doctor's put me on some pills to stop the bleeding and then he's going to put me on the progesterone-only pill... gr

I'm going to try sleeping again. I'll post any good photos tomorrow =)

The Host- Fangirly madness in Excess

I've always made my contempt for sparkly vampires clear, I dislike Twilight on principle, although I will get excited each time I read/watch it. I won't look forward to reading it in particular, and it won't keep me awake at night.

This, however, is a whole new level.

Stephenie Meyer's book The Host is as much of an advance on Twilight as... I don't know... Something good against something not as good.

With Twilight, Stephenie Meyer was making a debut, new to published writing.

With The Host... she's gotten the art of storytelling down to a tee.

But this isn't a review... I'll save that for the lovely people at Un:Bound no, this is pure, unadulterated GUSHING.

Not only is Meyer CONFIRMED to be writing two sequels *fangasm* titled "The Soul" and "The Seeker"

No, she's giving me so much more than that.

There is going to be a bloody MOVIE.


I can't write anymore... I need to make my own fanposters or something...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Legally Blonde

I have discovered something wonderful- Legally Blonde the Musical

It's like the film but 10 times more fun!

The soundtrack is pretty catchy, and the acting is brilliant =D I watched the MTV coverage of it (so entirely legal) and... well...
Downloadedthesoundtrack *cough*

This is my new period painkiller, and on my Mac the screen is massiveeeee so I can curl up in bed to watch it =3 it's a winning situation.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Well this last couple of months have been some of the most dramatic I've ever experienced...
I started university and moved in with some pretty cool people.
I'm in with the chairman of the kayaking club and I have a good range of new friends on facebook (which is always a good judge of popularity).

I have already got an ex (a nice guy but a bit clingy and awkward =< Never again) I've had to fill out a form for mitigating circumstances and lost the ability to eat since there is a topshop near my house.

Housemates B and Li have begun dating which means it's slightly uncomfortable to be alone with them, we discovered Lu's real age is 26 NOT 27 (he thought he'd lost a year to drug abuse...) and he shouts at social workers. A's the balancing housemate and he shares my love of manga, which rocks my geekboat.

The highlights of my week are generally monday nights (everyone goes to TRAMPS for the xfactor finalist performance) and Thursdays (the Kayaking social and indie night at Velvet, so I look very un-indie in whatever fancy dress I've donned as per my orders)

Last week was Li's birthday, and we broke her door before headbutting my lightshade off the ceiling (jumping on the bed while drunk is apparently not a good idea).

This monday we shaved off one of Ra's eyebrows from next door... he now attends lectures with a false eyebrow drawn on his face...
But it serves him right for dropping a burger on my bed.