Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The progression of "Nuremberg"

Isn't bad. :D I have downloaded celtx, which no one told me I needed, but is standard screenwriting software (lovely). This has meant I'm into it, and my lecturer, Andy, told me to stop researching and let things flow, making notes if something needs backing up before carrying on and going back to it later.

So I'm giving it a go.

This is *THE* script for the story based on how my Grandparents met, so I'm being careful at the same time. Here's the basic overview-


Title- Nuremberg

Genre- Historical Romance

A Welsh woman working for British Intelligence meets and falls for a German soldier helping the Americans during the Nuremberg Trials. Set after WW2, and based on the true story of how my grandparents met.

"Love knows no prejudice"


Gwyn Hodge is working as an interpreter after serving during the war at Bletchley Park. Joseph Werner is a prisoner of War from America helping with Translation and doing odd jobs for the army. He saves her from a drunk German man who attacks her and they forge a friendship.

SET-UP- Gwyn Hodge arrives in Nuremberg with other interpreters from Bletchley Park. Gwyn gets lost that night and is attacked by a bar and is rescued by Joseph, who escorts her back to barracks.

PLOT POINT 1- On a weekend, Joseph shows Gwyn around the city and they become friends

CONFRONTATION- Gwyn’s father finds out from a colleague of Gwyn’s and demands that she return home immediately after the trials and never see Joseph again.

PLOT POINT 2- Confused by Gwyn’s behaviour, Joseph tracks her down and they confess their love. But Joseph shows her letters from his family, who are suffering from starvation and poverty in Berlin. Gwyn realises that things are just as bad for Germans as the English.

RESOLUTION- Gwyn leaves for Wales and Joseph stays with his family, but they promise to write, and meet again when things with their families are sorted out. They kiss.


Gwyn Hodge prioritises intelligence and serving her country above fashion etc. She longs to make her father proud. She becomes more independant, and grows up.

Joseph Werner comes to terms with his country’s crimes and his patriotism is tested as he deals with “Germany’s Guilt”, eventually vowing to do his part to redeem his country, which he will always love.

Monday, 26 April 2010

A moment on Thievery

On Saturday I had my iPhone stolen while swimming with my friend Abby. I was rummaging through my bag while my phone was in the locker (I was crouched on the floor tipping out the contents of my bag in a quest for Hair Conditioner) when I looked up, the Phone was gone.

The staff at the pool were angels though, I can't fault their immediate and thorough search for the phone, but the little bastard had already taken it. For all I know someone could have put it straight into their own locker before going swimming.

Anyway, it just got Abby and I thinking about society and how opportunistic some people can be, and it was a bit depressing.

Also, a bird shit on my head on my way home.


Sunday, 25 April 2010

On second thoughts...

I can't dress as Riza Hawkeye this time. I simply can't afford it. I will still go but I don't know who to dress as. I might go for lightning from FFXIII, or go as Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist. I'm undecided.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

MCM expo

Well I've made the rather foolish decision to go to MCM in London this year.

For those who don't know, MCM is an expo held in London twice a year, and is basically a whole weekend dedicated to stalls and exhibits (and shows) revolving around Manga, Gaming and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Last time I went was 2008 (I think) and they had DanceDanceRevolution contests and Japanese gaming stuff. There was a masquerade ball for people to attend in costume, and a parade of people's homemade outfits with awards handed out.

This year I'm planning to dress as the lovely Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist. The costume is ridiculously complicated when you consider the time limit (I have one month) and my skills with clothes making (none). Therefore, I'm going to have to buy a costume off ebay, which is upsetting.

I'm considering changing my idea of who to dress as, but I really love Riza xD damn.

Decisions decisions... I should be sensible, but I rarely am...

Argh. Inner turmoil

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunny Days

Well I'm tired, and full (due to chinese all-you-can-eat food babies) but today's been pretty awesome. I dawdled round the parts of Worcester I'd never visited before, finding some awesome little boutiques, and then went to the racecourse with my housemates for random hanging out in the sun.

Altogether, it's been awesome. (see right) I got my camera out and got some amazing photos (I forgot how much I love my D-SLR). We were going to have a barbecue but the atmosphere was too nice to ruin by doing anything resembling work. It's rare to get all the housemates out together and we had a lot of fun messing about and bantering.

Although I now know that I have a man's sense of humour. Definitely.

And our shower's cold again...

But at least the weather's amazing.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Why I never do things that I think are important.

Some of you are aware that my university course is a joint Animation/Screenwriting BA Hons, and those of you who know me personally know that while I'm usually a ridiculously laid back and flippant person who takes little seriously, once I get focused on a project it has to be done right.

So I should have realised that doing something important for my feature length screenplay (for assessment) would get me into trouble.

Last year, both of my Paternal grandparents passed away. They were incredible people who both accomplished a lot in their respective lifetimes and it's this, combined with my interest in History that led me to start writing a screenplay for a film based loosely on their experiences after WWII.

My Granny worked as an interpreter for Bletchley Park during the war, and on a visit there to gather historically accurate research for my project (I will be going to Nuremberg in the Summer to do research on the War Trials where they met) I picked up this book.

The worst of it is that since I want to do the rich history and complexity of what went on at Bletchley and the Trials justice, I have scrapped my script 3 times already and so far have nothing to show for my work.

The problem is that I have so much respect for what my Granny and Granddad achieved that I can't fit it all into a single film. I've had to hack it down to focus only on the Nuremberg Trials, and end it after the trials. (Even though my Granny spent about three years working in total secrecy at Bletchley Park as a tranlsator and never told anyone until the 80s, and my Granddad (right) was taken a prisoner of war by the Americans after being one of only a few survivors of his ship, and after the war became a famous man involved with the Northern Ireland troubles)

The problem is that their story is too long and awesome to even include in this blog post.

And so I've become obsessed with doing their work at the Nuremberg Trials justice by making sure there are no historical inaccuracies. I'm even volunteering at Bletchley Park this summer to get to know more.

My love and respect only ever get me into trouble xD I think of this script as so important that I feel like I can't get it wrong. I want it to be beautiful.

And I've written over 6500 words begun again with nothing.

My books on Bletchley Park are on my bed.

My books on the Nuremberg Trials are in the post.

I'm going insane.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Aimless Blog

This is a very pointless blog... Though I keep thinking about turning it into a little webcomic of my life at Worcester uni... But I'm unsure... :P

Gah, anyway.


Pointlessness (Y)

Monday, 5 April 2010

Daisy the Ford KA

You will all be glad to know that after crashing my little car on the motorway, two months ago, I have it confirmed that I will be getting her back after she was written off.

Daisy is a survivor!

She needs a new bonnet, lights and grill, but the rest of the damage is minor and she should be fixable for £800 in the next month.

Daisy, we love you <3