Sunday, 31 January 2010

Glee Glee Glee

Oh wow

If you've not even heard of Glee, you're deaf. Or from the rainforest. Where they don't have TV or Internet.
I mean, it's pure awesomeness. It's not the most original storyline, but what is? If screenwriting's taught me anything it's that all storylines are recycled and what matters is how it's recycled.
And Glee is recycled with some of my favourite aspects of... well ANYTHING. Acapella singing, Bright Colours, and Slushie Facials (don't ask...)
I've actually watched up to episode 13 online... but watching it today with my family I realised every episode is TOTALLY worth a second watch. I love it. I've pre-ordered the CD which comes out in March this year.
The plotlin basically follows something I think is exclusive to America called a Glee Club, which is basically what we would call Choir, but without anything hymn-like (do Americans know the traditional hymns? or is it all Gospel stuff? Hmm... I'm seerely uneducated in Americanness) the kids in the club are basically below the Dungeons and Dragons kids on the social ladder, so when the Football team's quarterback (a nice guy, talented but hoplessly daft) is tricked into joining it, followed shortly by cheerleaders and other jocks, it begins a competition among the staff and faculty either to help the Glee Club succeed, or to destroy it completely.
The base of it is the faculty fighting over funding, and the students competing for social status despite various obstacles such as... I don't know... the catain of the celibacy club getting knocked up?
Total lighthearted fun with plain awesome songs, had me in absolute hysterics.
Just... just watch it, you'll understand!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Screw it, I won't sleep (and a book that will make you happy to be alive)

I stayed up for the tv but I have stuff to do tomorrow so I'll not go to bed. I'm dressed quite nice too actually, in a new top and xmas jewellery (don't ask why... I didn't go out today) and I feel nice.

Tired, but nice. I blame the book I read last night.

"Before I Die" had me crying constantly throughout, and a lot of it rang true for any teenager. The protagonist's first night clubbing had me painfully nostalgic xD

And the end is unbelievably tragic, (as in I was full-on sobbing for a couple of minutes) but the overall book had me feeling refreshed and valuing every little thing around me.

I will review it later... but not sure if it's Un:Bound material. It's not fantastical at all... but it might be a nice change... but i did something a tad alternative last week...

Ohhhh decisions decisions...

Being Human and Heroes... Sunday night? Gone!

Tonight my mum called me (at 9) to tell me to turn on BBC3 at 9.30 to watch (drum-roll please!)


That's right the vampire, the werewolf and the ghost are back sharing their house in Bristol and...It's not bad.

I have the entire 1st series on DVD and I loved the absolute... innocent humour beside the gore and dark undertones. The menace and the horror that happens was still kept funny somehow, and I LOVE George.

The second series has started and from the look of the first 20 minute episode it's getting darker. Mitchell (vampire in leather jacket) has a few more old friends popping up to go round killing people, and there's a mysterious scientist trying to cure the werewolf curse and killing the werewolves in the process with no remorse. A mysterious group are seeking the trio out and George's girlfriend Nina was given the curse in last series' dramatic climax.

Meanwhile the series continues with the trio's somewhat futile attempts to integrate themselves into society.

And every episode seems ready to continue with George's bum making regular appearances :P

The first episode was sadly sparse with the jokes however, and although all the character development is pretty perfect (George has a cocky smile! I love it!) I really miss the wry wit and optimism of the first series. Although there were some brilliant lines (even if they were muttered).

Overall, I love it, I do, but the first episode of a new series could have been more eye-catching.

And Heroes... well it's brilliant, but more of the same.

Oh dear, that sounded like I was moaning. I do love them both, and I know my sunday nights are going to be my wrapped-in-a-dressing-gown and cuppa-tea night.

Riveting :P

Also, on a fanfiction note... when my assignments are done (Thursday) I will finish that Bleach story. After one or two raving nights... :P

MC out!