Monday, 11 January 2010

Screw it, I won't sleep (and a book that will make you happy to be alive)

I stayed up for the tv but I have stuff to do tomorrow so I'll not go to bed. I'm dressed quite nice too actually, in a new top and xmas jewellery (don't ask why... I didn't go out today) and I feel nice.

Tired, but nice. I blame the book I read last night.

"Before I Die" had me crying constantly throughout, and a lot of it rang true for any teenager. The protagonist's first night clubbing had me painfully nostalgic xD

And the end is unbelievably tragic, (as in I was full-on sobbing for a couple of minutes) but the overall book had me feeling refreshed and valuing every little thing around me.

I will review it later... but not sure if it's Un:Bound material. It's not fantastical at all... but it might be a nice change... but i did something a tad alternative last week...

Ohhhh decisions decisions...