Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Murder Mysteries and Genii

Today while doing the ironing (I'm doing cleaning and stuff for my mum at the moment while staying here) I started watching the Poirot box set and it just made me remember how much fun they actually are. The first ten minutes or so are spent saying "He's dead." or "She's dead" as you try to guess who'll die first (and sometimes second) the rest is spent trying to guess who did it. The difficulty with the Agatha Christie ones is that you hardly ever get it right. You're looking for someone who's focused on a lot, then someone who's not given much thought by the characters, but none of these work- it's so frustrating! The bloody woman is too clever for me!

On another note, the new Artemis Fowl book is out today :D YAY my dad's gonna pick it up while at work so I can get a head start reading it :) The first ones may have been the best, but the later ones are interesting and still a lot of fun, so we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


(Warning- prepare for mini-rant)

Recently I've been seeing a guy, and it's been going really well. He wanted me to work near his family home over summer, and honestly, no ones been so sweet to me. I went to spend a weekend with him and overnight things made a total about turn. He started ignoring me, and although I got on with all his friends ridiculously well. Gah.

Now it takes a lot for me to like someone that much, but I like to think I go with the flow pretty well; I've not sent any moany texts, and I've barely mentioned it to my housemates (something Natalie gets annoyed at me for- she likes gossip) and this is the last I'll mention of how annoying the whole situation is by my own prompt.

The reason I'm writing about it, is because on Monday night I went out with renewed confidence (though why I'm not sure) and got on very well with a guy I don't plan on seeing again. (To clarify, I don't do one night stands, he didn't come over) but apparently one of my housemates told me he liked me and I shrugged and walked away.

That is totally out of character for me, and I'm horrified- I don't even remember it. Anyway I've apologized and explained that I think of all my housemates like siblings, so hopefully it won't be too weird around here. Anyway, I'm now packing to move house, and going to see the parents tomorrow.

Gah. Love lifeness sucks

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Oscar the Bionic Cat

I first saw this story on the news (and cried a little bit) a while ago, and when perusing BBC iplayer I found the documentary about it and watched it about an hour ago.

I have to say, this story is amazing.

Oscar the cat (pictured) had both his back feet taken off when sunbathing in a maize field near his home in Jersey, when a combine harvester caught both his back legs.

Luckily, the local vet had heard of a man in Surrey, Noel Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick Referrals, who was a man who used engineering with veterinary practice to help animals who would otherwise be put down. After meeting Oscar and his owner, Noel agreed that Oscar, who was only two years old and of an "above average personality" was a perfect candidate for a thus far theoretical procedure. If the experimental practice succeeded, Oscar would be the first ever Bionic cat, having metal pegs bonded to the bones in his ankles via a drilled hole and chemical covering to encourage bone cell growth.

Basically, after a three hour surgery, healing time and a quick connecting of the prosthetic feet to the protruding joint, Oscar was up on his feet and even climbing around the surgery. Noel's reaction to the success of the operation had me a little bit tearful, it was lovely!

You can see this and more of Noel's work on BBC iplayer, under "Bionic Vet"