Thursday, 17 June 2010

Zombies- and possible hideouts should they attack Worcester

Having reviewed World War Z by max brooks on Un:Bound, I've noticed that I am moving to a very insecure location next month.

VERY insecure.

I am leaving behind a solid metal security gate (which can't be easily climbed) with a house that has only one window facing the street outside this secure courtyard (easily secured) and rooftop access to stocked stores in Worcester. WHAT COULD BE MORE DEFENSIBLE AGAINST ZOMBIES?

I'm moving to a lovely house in a cul-de-sac by the railway, with lots of doors and windows and gardens :O Nice for normal day-to-day living, but no good against a raid of Zombies!

I blame Max Brooks- he made it all so realistic, so plausible. I can't wait in THAT house for a 10 year war to finish! I can't! There isn't even a decent castle nearby to hole up in! Also, considering traffic in Worcester during rush hour, I can't hope to navigate those roads during the great panic. My best bet is the river, for which I'd need to travel with the rowers.

Not sure where to, but I have an A-Z in my car :)

As you can see, this book has affected me deeply.

I'm off to buy some swords or something, so I can kill the mofo's when they try taking me on ;)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

First Year

Freshers year is now over, and I have to admit it feels like I've only been at university for a month. In this "month", I started by moving into the Gatehouse, which is about 15 minutes from campus, but occupied by all freshers. I met Lizzie, the only other girl in the complex, and the two boys. There was meant to be another housemate, but apparently she pulled out at the last minute.

Next door in the Wall house there were 5 boys. Two of which were neat and the others all... not. Ralf in particular has spent the year high and unwashed. Despite this he's a really nice guy, and so funny to mess with when he passes out!

Freshers week was pretty crazy, and I only remember half of it, but in the Gatehouse we started out with me, who has never been in a long-term relationship and was a massive geek, Lizzie the naive girl from Swanage who spent a year travelling New Zealand with her four-year boyfriend, Ben the Rugby playing private school boy, and Luke, who has three daughters.

That's not even going into Wall house's tenants!

Well Lizzie joined the Rowing team, I joined the Kayakers, Luke joined Tae Kwon Do and Ben joined Rugby.

Only me and Lizzie have attended club activities :P

Lizzie and Ben broke up with their respective other halves and got together, only to break up last month, and Luke's had a string of almosts.

Me? I've had a few non-serious boyfriends who I mostly didn't want to see after a couple of weeks! Ah well. I was pretty sick for my entire first semester, and still got good grades in everything (YAY)

Semester 2 has been a little slower paced, and less has happened now we're mostly settled, though this semester I decided to start up a university choir! Stressful!

This led me to meet some more cool people though, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I also ended up the Kayaking social secretary... and joined the rowing club. Next year will be mental!

I also found a fascination with fashion... and clubbing. :P I never saw the appeal but it's so great to just go out and dance! I also seem to be incapable of being drunk, although it seems two bottles of wine will get me tipsy, so my awareness on a night out isn't a problem.

It helps that I live in the town centre.

Uni's a bizarre experience, and nothing like anything else. But brilliant.

Masters degree once I graduate? Maybe!

Friday, 11 June 2010

I'm... Freaking out

Not sure why, might have something to do with THE FINAL CHAPTER OF FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST which was AMAZING!

Geez. I love FMA

Ok, well I'm a lazy blogger, we know this. But life is going pretty weirdly at the mo. Uni is like, a rushed version of normal life. Everything happens quickly, and things change in a second. Nat visited me at the gatehouse this week, and stayed for three days of lovin' :P haha there's a running joke that she's my ex-wife, and she's the only person in the world who I tell absolutely everything.


She's also the worst influence when out shopping. (We had our hearts broken on wednesday- Accessorize is closed!!!!!!!!!!) and I ended up with LeeLee, Benefit's new perfume. I mean I love it, and it's gorgeous, but WOW it was more than I can really afford.
Though we also went out handing out CVs, so there was a little bit of optimism there too.

Got a load of mangas in the post as well, so Un:Bound can expect some more reviews :P

Oh and also, I got my first grade for this semester today... My screenplay was written in one night (though I spent months researching the accurate history of the Nuremberg war trials for it) and I got an A for it!!! WOW

Haha... fingers crossed for more good grades!