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Friday, 11 June 2010

I'm... Freaking out

Not sure why, might have something to do with THE FINAL CHAPTER OF FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST which was AMAZING!

Geez. I love FMA

Ok, well I'm a lazy blogger, we know this. But life is going pretty weirdly at the mo. Uni is like, a rushed version of normal life. Everything happens quickly, and things change in a second. Nat visited me at the gatehouse this week, and stayed for three days of lovin' :P haha there's a running joke that she's my ex-wife, and she's the only person in the world who I tell absolutely everything.


She's also the worst influence when out shopping. (We had our hearts broken on wednesday- Accessorize is closed!!!!!!!!!!) and I ended up with LeeLee, Benefit's new perfume. I mean I love it, and it's gorgeous, but WOW it was more than I can really afford.
Though we also went out handing out CVs, so there was a little bit of optimism there too.

Got a load of mangas in the post as well, so Un:Bound can expect some more reviews :P

Oh and also, I got my first grade for this semester today... My screenplay was written in one night (though I spent months researching the accurate history of the Nuremberg war trials for it) and I got an A for it!!! WOW

Haha... fingers crossed for more good grades!

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