Thursday, 17 June 2010

Zombies- and possible hideouts should they attack Worcester

Having reviewed World War Z by max brooks on Un:Bound, I've noticed that I am moving to a very insecure location next month.

VERY insecure.

I am leaving behind a solid metal security gate (which can't be easily climbed) with a house that has only one window facing the street outside this secure courtyard (easily secured) and rooftop access to stocked stores in Worcester. WHAT COULD BE MORE DEFENSIBLE AGAINST ZOMBIES?

I'm moving to a lovely house in a cul-de-sac by the railway, with lots of doors and windows and gardens :O Nice for normal day-to-day living, but no good against a raid of Zombies!

I blame Max Brooks- he made it all so realistic, so plausible. I can't wait in THAT house for a 10 year war to finish! I can't! There isn't even a decent castle nearby to hole up in! Also, considering traffic in Worcester during rush hour, I can't hope to navigate those roads during the great panic. My best bet is the river, for which I'd need to travel with the rowers.

Not sure where to, but I have an A-Z in my car :)

As you can see, this book has affected me deeply.

I'm off to buy some swords or something, so I can kill the mofo's when they try taking me on ;)

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  1. you need something easy to swing and effective, i'd suggest a machete.