Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Well this last couple of months have been some of the most dramatic I've ever experienced...
I started university and moved in with some pretty cool people.
I'm in with the chairman of the kayaking club and I have a good range of new friends on facebook (which is always a good judge of popularity).

I have already got an ex (a nice guy but a bit clingy and awkward =< Never again) I've had to fill out a form for mitigating circumstances and lost the ability to eat since there is a topshop near my house.

Housemates B and Li have begun dating which means it's slightly uncomfortable to be alone with them, we discovered Lu's real age is 26 NOT 27 (he thought he'd lost a year to drug abuse...) and he shouts at social workers. A's the balancing housemate and he shares my love of manga, which rocks my geekboat.

The highlights of my week are generally monday nights (everyone goes to TRAMPS for the xfactor finalist performance) and Thursdays (the Kayaking social and indie night at Velvet, so I look very un-indie in whatever fancy dress I've donned as per my orders)

Last week was Li's birthday, and we broke her door before headbutting my lightshade off the ceiling (jumping on the bed while drunk is apparently not a good idea).

This monday we shaved off one of Ra's eyebrows from next door... he now attends lectures with a false eyebrow drawn on his face...
But it serves him right for dropping a burger on my bed.

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