Saturday, 28 November 2009

Why am I awake?

Well the boys of next door have joined Big Ben in his quest to have a 48 hour Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 session. They've organised four hour shifts to be taken in turn, in our living room, playing the game on Ben's XBox360.

Why am I awake?

It's the first shift (started at midnight) and they're all excited.

Except for Ben, who's spending precious time in bed with Lizzie ;) it's very cute. (She has a rowing race tomorrow in Bristol)

Hence, I'm here, re-reading The Host (for reasons mentioned in earlier post) and listening to Linkin Park, deciding that I'm going to take my camera out tomorrow, go shopping with Nat and Roz for Moulin Rouge outfits.

Despite the fact I'm now £200 into my overdraft (student finance has yet to show it's face) and I'm sick.

I have now been on my period for two months, making me tired and irritable. The doctor's put me on some pills to stop the bleeding and then he's going to put me on the progesterone-only pill... gr

I'm going to try sleeping again. I'll post any good photos tomorrow =)

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  1. Great information - i hope you get the moulin rouge outfits you want :-)