Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Madness that is Freshers Week

Well it's been one of the most mental weeks of my life, maybe just falling short of Freshers Week last year, when I had moved from home to live with a bunch of strangers and went out drinking every night (except one, when we drank at the house and watched resident evil).

This year has seen me starting up a new club (Choir) and manning the committee for the Kayaking club, but perhaps one of the most talked about events of the week has been the Rugby boys. At the start of the week a bunch of the Rugby players had been drinking in the Dive (SU bar) all morning, but were kicked out for a couple of hours to prepare for the night ahead. A mother dropping off a fresher had hired out a van to help move in, and as she was driving away a group of the boys pulled off one of the doors.

But that isn't all they've done!

As written about in the Worcester News one of them, dressed as the Hulk (there were three rugby boys as hulks) smashed up a car on Henwick road, and on another night they ripped blackboards from a pub's wall.

Mental! Myself, I've been very well bahaved. *cough* by that I mean I've caused no criminal damage or got in any fights ;) well... it IS freshers week.

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