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Thursday, 10 December 2009

And it's Cold again...

But I don't THINK the boys next door have hidden cameras so I'm chancing their showers again in a sec. After which me and Li are hitting up the late night shopping in Worcester!

Worcester! You-Wot-You-Wot!


Been feeling last night all day because I didn't eat at all before going out with the Kayaking Club. Who, by the way, have sorted me accomodation for next year! It's gonna be mentalll.

They might even let me have a cat!

My project for next week is coming along, we might just be ready to perform the presentation in time.

Emphasis on JUST.

I had to turn down a date to do work. WORK!

I don't WORK!

Although I recently got a job, but that's hardly WORK work. It's a bar job near my house. Living in the town centre is great =)


  1. host is still on my desk tormenting me. You are evil.

  2. Haha you will like it, I know you will =) did you like the little notes on it? I hoped they'd cheer you up in the face of enduring more Stephenie Meyer.